Canoeing the Green River in Utah

Last summer I got an opportunity to join a group of friends on a adventure canoeing down the Green River. The journey began in Moab, Utah where an outrigger will take you out to the drop in location located in Canyonland national park. From then on we were on our own to tame the not so Green River… Forced to disconnect from the outside world for 5 days gives you a lot of perspective on life and gives you a chance to be in awe the power of mother nature. We fought back the sweltering summer days with beer and la croix, taking dips in the ice cold water frequently. The river was so high, there wasn’t much need to paddle. The most challenging part of the whole excursion was finding camping spots and not passing them up hidden along the overgrown river shores and rock faces. We had such an amazing time and didn’t see any other people for 5 days. I can’t wait for our next river adventure just around the bend on The Devil’s River in East Texas. For a limited time I am offering a 30% discount an all prints from this Green River Adventure using the coupon code GREENRIVER

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